Homemade gummies

Makes about 50 to 60 2.5 ml gummies. You’ll get less than a cup. You can double or triple the recipe and it works fine.

3 oz (1/3 cup) jello flavored powder (I also used Shan pineapple jelly crystals – add 10 g of gelatin instead of 7 g as this brand doesn’t include as much gelatin) ~7 g of gelatin (they come in individual packets also) 1 tsp citric acid 1/4 cup fruit juice (no citrus – I used grape or apple for these flavors) 1 tablespoon honey or agave or corn syrup  1 tablespoon lecithin granules (soak in a tiny bit of juice an hour before making to dissolve) However much thc product you like… I’ve made this recipe with 5 g of hash oil with success, and I’ve also reduced a tiny amount of tincture for smaller doses.

Mix powders, juice, lecithin and honey gently to avoid making bubbles. Let bloom for at least 10 minutes up to 15.

After waiting 10 to 15 minutes, warm your thc oil (if using or reduce tincture first) in nonstick pan, add flavor extract to oil if using any, gently mix in the gummy mixture. Gently simmer over low to med heat until gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour in molds, smack on counter to remove air bubbles. Let stand 30 min. Chill in fridge or freezer for an hour. Then remove and let cure flipping every 12 hours until desired chewiness. I toss my gummies in a sugar and citric acid mixture. If it isn’t sticking because they are too dry just mist or moisten gummies a tiny bit and the sugar will stick again.


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